App turns phone into a surveillance wire

I've never experienced such vulger an vile activity in my life. Old people I volved in meth walking out on their porches screaming you move an acting like their shooting you from the hip with a shot gun. Real nice leadwood mo. We live up here y'all live down there. Says in the Bible for those who live up there sit up on your wall an eat ur own dung an drink your own piss. Maybe you are just a homophobe and are assuming things based off your own ignorance towards others comsidering you would use sexuality to identify someone as being a criminal.

Being involved in crime has nothing to do with your sexuality.

Cellphone surveillance

What to do when spouses is spy on you at home in all rooms. And also phone and pc? Internet, infrared. Camera or microphones. In bathroom also with smart tv all day and nights? Is this legal?

Is there an audio detector in the iphone. I believe there is a microphone in my bedroom and hot spots in my apt. How do I detect inexpensively audio It then becomes a cat and mouse game. You can even talk back and forth I believe there are hidden cameras and microphones in my smoke detectors, light fixtures, cell phone, car and television.

I do not know why these persons are spying on me.

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The persons have broken into my home and I can not prove it because the alarm system does not indicate that someone has come in. The persons have tampered with my chairs, bed, purses and shoes, for there are motions that I feel but I can not detect as to where they are coming from.

This is happening at home, car, transportation, church, shopping and at work. Please help!!! Its tricky, all this and the decrepit world we live in, and must watch passed onto our children. Low raters run amuck with technology without accountability.

Guardian App Cam Solo 4G Kit - Uniden

Don't listen to boofheads. Stay strong. Connect with others who know what yr talking about.

Build resources to share if needs be, so the next person has resources. The message to cowards looking for easy targets: you won't get away with it. Breathe in "I am strong" breathe out "I stay One doesn't 'feel' these if everything's okay; there's a reason you're getting these feelings; why your genetic instincts are sounding alarms. Something is amiss.

Pay no attention to 'armchair psychologists' and the like. Become an avid observer of your surroundings. Remain calm, and above all, rational. It is labeled many things, but 'disruption operations' describes this type of pathology best.

Is Your Phone Listening To You? Here’s How To Protect Your Privacy

For whatever reason and anyone at any time, any where, for any reason can be and are targeted for this type of psychological harassment you're beginning to be more observant of your surroundings. When researching information the amount of it is vast and strewn with garbage and distractions For references one can put mental and emotional stock into, you may also find comforting and informative: -www. Katherine Horton, Ph. If so, you may have found the definition of what you're experiencing. Regardless, do your best to ensure you're remaining grounded in reality five senses while exercising, as best as is possible under circumstances that fall in line with what the above references would describe in these situations; rational cognition even when the disruptions feel anything but rational.

In parting, this may help: The break-ins are referred to as "black bag jobs"; a criminal trespass designed to get your attention focused on the act itself; to distract you and set you off balance; to let you know, and keep you frightened of the perpetrators and 'when they'll strike again'.

Usually, nothing is removed, although very slight modification of locations of furnishings or personal items is the norm; to distract, disrupt and frighten you.


Look up the term "gaslighting". Do your best not to try to explain these occurrences to friends and family, instead, asking the people you're closest to in your life to just observe the behaviors of your close in proximity neighbors and the individuals that present themselves at times you're experiencing these disruptions. Know that there are thousands of individuals like you going through the same BS. It's only through exposure of these activities through rational means that atrocities of this nature will end.

Be well. Good hunting. Yes, I know I have hidden camera's a man is telling me everything I do and say in my own privacy that no one would know. He knows if I got to the bathroom, what I am doing in the bathroom. How I sleep. If I do anything in my sleep. Every move I make he lets me know.

I'm going through the same ordeal and I'm scared to talk to anyone about it because they will think I'm crazy I talked to my parents and they said I need to see a shrink. This has just happened to me everyday for over 10 weeks. Can hidden cameras pick up voices too? I could hear them as well. They watched me in the shower- knew when I went to bathroom and it got even more weird toward end of 10 weeks. I want to prosecute but I have to find out how they did this first.

They knew what was going on inside of my house. I seriously felt crazy and made doctors appt.

Eavesdropping & Targeted Ads

I at least want to make sure they stopped and never do this to anyone else. Would also like it done back to them. So you think they broke in and put in cameras? I am trying to figure out how it worked. What I find interesting about all the comments is it shows you At first, I thought it was all in my mind and come to find out over the years So, don't go crazy about it.

This is a pretty good web site to add any insights. I have found it pretty hard to find others who have had "this" experience. I rf-ed and it locked and from there I went to IR. It was there also. I reported it to the police and they do not care about things like that The manager is the owners son and they own five buildings in the neighborhood. So, there you go. Just keep studying the problem and know it is not in your head! There are answers to be found We'll get it Any ideas on how to capture audio?